Friday, November 11, 2011

Liberty x bStore

Why does all good fashion happen outside the US??

The slingback with the Lucite heel, could be tacky but I'm IN love.

These shoes along with a cute satchel are slated for sale not till February 2012!!


Images via StyleBubble

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Runaway as fast as you can

Granted I am always behind the times when it comes to pop culture,
I am obsessed with this video.

I love not only the song, but the dancing.

Since I stopped swimming competitively I've spent a lot of time reflecting
on the activities and talents I used to pursue.

From age 4-13 I studied ballet intensively at
one of the most prestigeous academies on the East Coast.

It broke my heart to stop, just like it broke my heart to stop swimming.
Alas, as many warned me, I am young and there is still time to pick
swimming, dancing, singing up again!

I miss the grace, poise and beauty that ballet entails.
The sweeping movements, balance, clean lines.