Monday, September 26, 2011

LRD (Little Red Dress)

I've suddenly become obsessed with this dress.
Shop Bop only has size Large left.
I'm gonna spring for it.



My yarn arrived on Friday afternoon! It's gorgeous, beautiful heathered colors (above).
Though I am having second thoughts about the purple.
However the yarn is bought and the money spent!
Here goes!

I started my warp today for my cape. It's actually quite a lengthy process.
First, (after many careful calculations-- thanks Betsy!)
I have to measure out all of my warp strings on a warping board.
Pictured below.

Sorry the photos aren't the best. I can't stop using my iPhone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Work In Progress

Phew! Almost ready to begin! Here are the sketches of my cape.
I still haven't decided on the colors I'm thinking either two heathered grays or
a gray and purple mix.

It was really hard to sketch out my ideas,
drawing just doesn't come naturally or easily to me.
I think with more practice I will get better and it will become easier.

The last few sketches are from my friend Sheye. Aren't they fab?

Here are some swatches of the colors I'm thinking of using.

From top down Purple Haze, Charcoal, Ebony ans Silver Haze.

Images Jane Stafford Textiles, Halcyon Yarn

Friday, September 16, 2011

amy hall

Beautiful hand knitwear from Amy Hall.

Based out of the UK these chunky designs are fantastic!
But jeez expensive!

A cold front/the fall has moved in to Oberlin. Perfect sweater weather!
I can't wait to get started on some new warm fuzzy project and to break out
the things I finished over the summer.

Spent yesterday afternoon natural dyeing over open fire with two of the most inspiring fiber fanatics in Oberlin. I will post pictures later.

So so so so much to do this fall.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Being back at school definitely gives me more time and inspiration to update this.
I'm excited for classes to start only two days!
But still soooo many decisions.

Our (adorable) house is slowly coming together.
The kitchen is organized, now on to the pantry!

images nastygal, needsupply, shape shiftr, needsupply, free people

Friday, September 2, 2011

Knitted Shorts

1. Chan Luu Cable Shorts via Free People
2. Gams, pattern by


Absolutely loving the cosmic prints!

These blazers sold out but I'm definitely considering the dress.

Images style nanda via oracle fix, solestruck, romwe