Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I started my twinkle (Rockefeller) sweater on Sunday. I'm using Debbie bliss como, which i may add is heavenly so soft and fluffy like a cloud! I'm still debating the pockets or not. Also my gauge is a little off so to compensate I'm knitting the size L, which is only 34.5" to begin with! Hopefully I don't run out of yarn. That would be both tragic and upsetting.

Como: super yummy. I'm sure it will pill horrendously. Colorway: 04 Beige. (It's slightly grayer in person.)

Also, I'm really diggin Insight. I'm taking a sneak peek of (hopefully) what's to come in the fall by looking at the Australian site. The Autumn line looks sick, I've got my eye on the Rozzi dress.

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