Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Everything that...

I don't know where or when was the first time I saw the Sabre Glitter teaspoons, but since then I've been drooling. I watched them sell out at LEIF and then on GILT. I know shame on me. I just couldn't justifying buying home goods for a home I don't have... Plus, I've now officially joined the ranks of the unemployed college educated (To be fair, I am applying for things like mad, but it's really hard to interview for immediate openings from 6,000 miles away!). Never the less, the glitter teaspoons are back at LEIF (though they raised the price by $4, ridiculous) but I won't be buying them there. I'm just hoping and praying that GILT has them again!

Seriously, these are golden and glittery and wonderful and I want them!

I did manage to get my little paws on the tart server. One day I'll post pictures of something delectable I make and serve with the server. And I'm seriously considering the cake knife...

Well. Ta ta for now.

Image via Leif Shop

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